Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd

Gallagher Bassett is the only organisation licensed as a WorkCover Scheme Agent in Victoria, NSW and South Australia. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Auckland, and a team of more than 800 people, Gallagher Bassett provides a unique suite of claims management and related consulting and technical services.
Our first goal and that of the workers’ compensation authorities’ is a reduction in the number of workplace injuries within the Schemes. Our innovative risk, injury and claims management practices encourage the building of strong partnerships with stakeholders at all levels. By assisting employers with Occupational Health and Safety compliance issues and a range of prevention strategies, we are able to target the frequency of workplace related injuries.

Gallagher Bassett offers and facilitates a range of free training solutions aimed at understanding the Workcover system and process as well as key Occupational Health and Safety topics. Training Calendars and Registration can be obtained via the Gallagher Bassett website or by contacting the Gallagher Bassett team on 8394 4753.

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