Point Heard

Point Heard is a unique business with expertise in independent customer advocacy. We offer services that help businesses understand the experiences, needs and expectations of today’s stakeholders and customers and your customer of the future. We also have experience in the design of complaints management frameworks and the management of sensitive and complex complaints as a third-party remediation referral for businesses.

Point Heard is Different

We are experts in bringing a deep appreciation of your customers experiences, needs and expectations into your business in a way that creates a platform for change and action. We achieve this through in-depth qualitative interviews with your stakeholders and customers providing extensive feedback through storytelling and gives you the insights that are difficult to achieve from within your business. We provide extensive customer experience data to directly target the key ‘touch points’ of your customers and contribute to your current and future strategic customer strategy.

Point Heard
Point Heard

We inquisitively listen to your customers to understand their experiences and expectations in utilising your products and services and, we work with your team to analyse and identify what can be leveraged and the opportunities for improvement. We will also provide guidance on the ‘how’, where needed.

We bring these pieces together in a way that helps you answer strategic questions, for example:

  • What do we need to improve in our products and services, why and how do we best do it?
  • How can we better engage with our customers to give us and them a competitive advantage?
  • What can our customers see that give us better insight into our risks and reputation?
  • What does the customer of the future need and can we provide when, or before, they know they need it?
  • How clear is the connection between our current strategic direction and the expectations of our customers and stakeholders?

How We Work

We are independent and able to achieve what is often very difficult to accomplish from inside the business. Your stakeholders and customers will value this as an opportunity to provide feedback in a trusted environment permitting deep and unfiltered conversations which are de-identified and aggregated. This will give you the most honest view from your customers and a platform for you to drive relevant strategy and activity.

Our approach is to be a ‘critical friend’ to your business; we will provide clear and honest feedback, have a stake in your success and will support and challenge the insights gained in talking to customers. We work tirelessly for the mutual success of your business and your customers.

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Darrin Wright
0408 632 009