Thursday 27 October

1pm to 2.30pm SA | 1.30pm to 3pm TAS, VIC, ACT, NSW | 10.30am to 12pm WA | 12pm to 1.30pm NT | 12.30pm to 2pm QLD


Nurses, Allied Health, Care Workers, and Assistants in Nursing

PRESENTER: Preventing Harm Initiative
LOCATION: Online – Zoom

Complaints and incidents are real – and how you document them matters.

This course will introduce you to defensible documentation and it will change the way you write.


10 days prior to the live online training date you will receive the eLearning invite to complete the online module.

After completion of the eLearning module, you will receive a certificate for Part 1, the handout required for Part 2, and the Zoom link to join the workshop on 14 July.


Part 1: eLearning – 45 to 60 minutes

 Laying the Foundations

This eLearning module lays the foundation for the live online training that follows. Be sure to watch the short videos and answer the related quizzes. It is designed to assist your learning and the module must be completed to be able to attend the Live Online Training (LOT).

 Part 2: Live Online Training (LOT) via Zoom – 1.5 hours

Using the Skills

This live online workshop will help transform the knowledge gained from Part 1 into useable skills.

To register online, please click the Eventbrite link below (charges apply) or download the PDF document, and email to