DAY 1 – Wednesday 12 June

9.30am to 2pm SA, NT | 10am to 2.30pm VIC, NSW, TAS, ACT, QLD | 8am to 12.30pm WA


DAY 2 – Thursday 13 June

9.30am to 2.30pm SA, NT | 10am to 3pm VIC, NSW, TAS, ACT, QLD | 8am to 1pm WA


Executives, Quality Staff, Managers, People and Culture Teams and anyone with a passion for the New Strengthened Standards and Quality Improvement

PRESENTER: Preventing Harm Initiative
LOCATION: Online – Zoom

Are you ready to implement the changes?

A 2-Day intensive participatory workshop into the new requirements of the revised Aged Care Quality Standards to gain clarity, tools, and solutions to thrive.

Course outcomes:

  • Gain knowledge on the framework, intent and new requirements of the revised Quality Standards
  • Understand the expectations of each Standard and how quality auditors will seek information to assess compliance
  • Gain and share ideas on innovative and effective ways to implement the standards
  • Practice case study responses to demonstrate compliance with key areas of the standards
  • Network and meet with other participants to share experiences and solutions
  • Receive a Gap Analysis tool to support you to identify gaps, guide improvement, and support you in your readiness for assessment against the Strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards

Day 1: Duration 4.5 hours 


  • Meet your facilitator
  • Introduce yourselves, your organisation, and a key outcome you would like from this course

Standard 1: The Person

  • This session will assist you to meet the requirements for care quality by valuing each person’s priorities and embracing diversity to better connect with their unique background and experiences.
  • Gain ideas and participate in how to achieve these requirements.

Standard 3: The Care and Services

  • This session will focus on the requirements for delivery of safe, effective, and person-centred care and services, including the importance of reablement, optimising function, timely plan reviews, and aligning care with the person’s needs and preferences.
  • Participate in discussion on what this looks like in practice.

Standard 2: The Organisation

  • This session includes the requirements of when to use data and experiences for continuous improvement, involve people in decision-making, support worker skills, plan for emergencies and staff shortages, and understand the impact of board investments.
  • Reflect on what you need to remember about this standard.

Day 2: Duration 5 hours

Standard 4: The Environment

  • This session covers the requirements to recognise environmental risks and create a safe and supportive physical environment.
  • Participate in exploring a case study on how various position and role responsibilities can help achieve these requirements.

Standard 5: Clinical Care

Services who are providing Clinical Care

  • This session covers the systems requirements and processes essential for delivering safe clinical care. This includes managing high-prevalent clinical risks and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Practice putting these requirements into action and gain valuable feedback and tips for implementation.

Standard 6: Food and Nutrition and Standard 7: The Residential Community

Residential Aged Care Requirement only

  • This session covers the requirements for allowing people to choose what, when, where, and how they eat and drink, ensuring meals meet their needs and preferences while creating safe and supportive dining environments.
  • Learn the requirements and tips on how to foster an inclusive, supportive and engaging residential community.
  • Share ideas on how to achieve this.

Note: Requirements are not mandatory but are beneficial to Home Care Services who provide food and nutrition support.


To register online, please click the link below (charges apply) or download the PDF document, and email to