November 25 @ 9:30 am – 1:30 pm


This workshop is designed for residential admissions, finance and any other staff who need a practical working knowledge of the LLLB accommodation payment regime.

PRESENTER: Andrew Harris from Andrew Harris Business Consulting

University of South Australia. The Mawson Centre – 2-8 Main Street, Mawson Lakes

Accommodation Pricing and Publishing:

  • What has to be published and where?
  • Prescribed factors for determining room prices
  • Rules for charging room prices greater than Level 2 maximum price
  • Applying for room prices greater than Level 2 maximum price

New Means Testing for Residential Care Subsidy and Fees:

  • What is it?
  • How does it work?
  • Potential effects on care subsidies and fees
  • Annual & lifetime caps explained
  • Worked example

 Resident Co-Contributions-Means Tested Care Fees:

  • Care subsidy co-contribution explained
  • Accommodation supplement & co-contribution explained
  • Worked example

 Accessing the Higher Level of Accommodation Supplement:

  • Significant refurbishment explained
  • How to qualify
  • Applying for the higher supplement
  • Worked example

 How to calculate RADs and DAPs, RACs and DACs:

  • Threshold levels explained
  • Rules for charging each level
  • Converting a RAD to a DAP & a DAC to a RAC
  • Worked scenarios

 Some Potential Risks and Strategies:

  • Impact of DAPs on cash flows
  • Impact on profit & loss
  • Impact on bad debts
  • Impact on back office



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