Friday 24 November

1pm to 3pm SA | 1.30pm to 3.30pm VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS | 10.30am to 12.30pm WA | 12pm to 2pm NT | 12.30pm to 2.30pm QLD

AUDIENCE: Nurses and Care and Support Staff in Aged and Disability services
PRESENTER: Peter Broadbent from Backsafe
LOCATION: Online – Zoom

The Backsafe difference
Our goal is to help carers prioritise their own safety at work so they can provide the best care to their clients and keep safe from musculoskeletal injuries.

We know that to achieve lasting change, along with teaching specific client moving transfers, wealso need to instil a deep understanding of how the body works and how an injury occurs so that carers can take this knowledge and apply it to any workplace task.

This course will cover:
Part 1: Your body at work
• How the body works and how the creation of a MSD is a cumulative trauma injury
• How leverage forces can negatively impact the body when lifting incorrectly and how correct lifting can allow the body to work safely without damage
• Understanding the Hierarchy of Controls as it relates to client moving
• Demonstration of pre-work and after breaks warm-ups and stretches

Part 2: Safe manual handling and client moving – Strategies and techniques
• Understanding and application of lifting, carrying and generally moving plant, equipment and
frequently used items
• Understanding and application of a range of client/patient transfers including:
o Move from bed to chair
o Move from chair to bed
o Chair to toilet
o Move fallen person off floor
o In/out of bath or shower
o Walking with belt support
o In/out of car or van
o Move up / down bed
o Sit up
o Roll over
o Turn / reposition in bed
o Sit on side of bed

 Course Outcomes
• Decreased risk of sustaining injuries when moving clients
• Decreased risk of sustaining injuries when moving plant, stores and equipment
• Increased safety for those that you are caring for
• Increased confidence with providing patient handling care
• Identification and control of specific transfer techniques in client moving
• Identification and control of manual handling techniques in the aged care and disability sector

All participants will receive the following Backsafe Training Materials:
• 1 x Backsafe Patient moving workbook (44 pages)
• 1 x Backsafe General manual handling workbook (56 pages)
• 1 x Backsafe laminated warm up and stretch tri-fold card
• Access to 21 x Backsafe patient moving videos

Presented by Peter Broadbent from Backsafe
Peter has been working in the safety training sector for over 30 years working with some of the largest organisations in Australia and overseas. During this time Peter developed Backsafe which is a proactive injury prevention training program which has now been delivered to tens of thousands of employees in a range of different industries with a range of different job tasks.

Peter has trained carers from the aged care and disability sectors so that they become aware of their body position and health implications whether they are caring for adult patients in the home, hospital or healthcare facilities and child and adult clients in residential care and disability facilities.

Peter’s goal is to reduce the incidence and severity of musculoskeletal injuries resulting frommanual handling hazards when lifting and moving materials, equipment and transferring people

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