Monday 25 March

12.30pm to 2pm SA | 1pm to 2.30pm VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS | 10am to 11.30am WA |  11.30am to 1pm NT | 12pm to 1.30pm QLD 

PRESENTER: Steve Zanon – Director, Proactive Ageing
LOCATION: Online – Zoom

Australia continues its journey down the path of transitioning to ever more refined ‘Consumer Centric Care’ and the new Aged Care ACT will improve the legislative foundations for our aged care system designed to deliver better outcomes for older people. This is occurring in an environment where healthcare and social assistance is by far Australia’s largest and fastest growing employment sector, and as such is garnering ever more government attention, particularly in terms of services innovation and workforce productivity. Internationally, the same influences are in play. The World Economic Forum sees the emerging Care Economy as fundamental to human development around the world, indicating that 40% of all projected job opportunities in emerging professions will be created in the care sector.

In this presentation we will explore:

  • Four transformative megatrends that are affecting the aged and community care sector.
  • A new and more integrative senior care ecosystem and workforce framework.
  • Opportunities for Australian aged care providers in setting new global standards of care.
  • International perspective on future jobs, a new ‘Integrated Career Pathways’ framework fit for delivering the next generation of aged care services.
  • What we can learn from several case studies in these areas that Steve has been working on.

About the presenter:

Steve Zanon, Director: Proactive Ageing / International Consultant / Organisational Transformation.

Steve has worked in a wide variety of industries for over 35 years, culminating in roles as an international consultant and project management principal. His company, Proactive Ageing provides innovation strategies, frameworks and implementation plans for a variety of ‘early adopter’ organisations enthusiastically examining effective cutting-edge solutions in healthcare, next generation technology, data analytics, education, organisational psychology, human capital, and workplace productivity. In line with strong values supporting our most disadvantaged citizens, much of his recent work has been around the emergence of the care economy, ‘consumer directed care’, and more patient centric ‘long term care’ models. Today we are experiencing a wave of converging innovation trends that are propelling us toward the ‘next generation’ of care services. This will include the adoption of industry 4.0 technology, lifelong work-integrated learning, and a new focus on human capital development, and workplace productivity. Steve helps organisations navigate this transition.

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