August 18 @ 2.00pm to 3.30pm SA, NT / 2.30pm to 4.00pm VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS, QLD / 12.30pm to 2.00pm WA

AUDIENCE: Anyone who works with vulnerable people in their own homes, Aged Care, Disability, Mental Health, Coordinators, Assessors, Team Leaders, Managers
PRESENTER: Dr Alice Clark from Shelter SA
LOCATION: Zoom – Online

The prevention of homelessness is difficult to address effectively as often people are already in crisis when they first contact a support agency or service, and it is too late to undertake prevention.  People who are working with clients in the community and going into their homes are well placed to assess and monitor client housing situations. If workers understand what the red flags are that can lead to experiences of homelessness and they are equipped with the right knowledge and tools, prevention becomes possible. Moving house can be a stressful and expensive experience especially if it is not by choice. Housing tenure and accommodation circumstances are not currently part of the assessment process for aged care support needs and in today’s housing market, it is essential to assist people to maintain their accommodation.

Prevention of Homelessness – Training

An evidence-based, online presentation on the state of housing (home ownership, renting, social housing), housing affordability and homelessness to raise awareness of the current Australian situation, with a focus on vulnerable people, people living on low incomes and the prevention of homelessness.  In addition to upskilling workers, this session may be relevant for some attendees and their own housing situations or those of their family members and therefore also of personal benefit.  The session is interactive and includes recognising and responding to red flags that may indicate the risk of homelessness and where to seek assistance including the following:

  • What is precarious housing and how does it affect vulnerable people
  • How to access housing and homelessness information, advice and assistance
  • Information and assistance for people experiencing homelessness
  • Processes to assist clients seeking a new home
  • Red flags that may indicate a change in client circumstances that increase the risk of homelessness
  • Housing and homelessness advocacy
  • Dealing with safety and maintenance issues
  • Housing complaints and appeal processes
  • Learn about the Housing Assessment Tool and Electronic Resource available to organisations for purchase

Housing Assessment Tool & Electronic Resource

Organisations can purchase a licence to use two evidence-based, tested written products that complement the training:

  1. The Housing Assessment Tool supports the information and skills conveyed in the training session, enables workers to conduct and record client housing assessments, and monitor client housing situations to prevent homelessness; and
  2. An electronic resource that contains links to all the information and services discussed in the training session.

About the Presenter

Your trainer is Dr. Alice Clark, the Executive Director of Shelter SA, the peak body for housing in South Australia. Alice has spent many years working in the housing and homelessness sectors and with an academic background is a highly experienced, engaging public speaker across a diverse range of audiences including mainstream media, university, TAFE and high school lectures, conferences and presenting to community groups.

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