CEO Luke Westenberg

As ACIA’s CEO, Luke supports our member organisations, advocates for the needs of our sector, and promotes improved public understanding of the high-quality care provided to older Australians every day.

Luke has extensive experience in government, and membership organisations. He has a strong understanding of public policy, regulatory processes and aged care.

Luke holds qualifications in politics and economics, and has worked across the health and aged care sectors both within government and industry. He has managed significant program and policy responsibilities, with a particular background in financial and workforce matters.

Luke supports member organisations in working with regulatory and funding bodies; advocates for the aged care sector to Members of Parliament; represents ACIA to government; and promotes a positive understanding of the aged care sector through media appearances and briefings.

“The aged care industry has so much to offer – making a difference to older Australians’ lives, providing employment to hundreds of thousands of workers, creating opportunities for our society. Working with our members is a rewarding experience, knowing the impact we have on so many people”