Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is offered to all organisations and companies who have the capability to offer services to or wish to promote their business to ACIA members and/or their workforce.


Providing aged care services is a complex and demanding task – aged care providers rely on a wide range of businesses to support and assist them in caring for our older people.

ACIA’s Corporate Members are businesses who provide products and services to the aged care industry, and who support our Association’s objectives.

Our Corporate Members’ contributions are an essential support to our providers and to the association.

ACIA is proud to partner with our Corporate Members to promote high-quality services and value for money to our provider members, to promote new and innovative ideas, and to build connections across the aged care sector.

As an ACIA Corporate member, you will be joining a group of high-performing, respected businesses that work with our members to provide excellent care every day.

ACIA Corporate Membership offers opportunities to share your expertise, to remain connected and informed about the aged care sector, and to celebrate the wonderful work of aged care. Corporate Members support our events and education program, contribute to our AGE Editor journal, and have the opportunity to network with our providers.

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