Aged Care Providers:
Member overview and benefits

ACIA’s purpose is to:

  • support aged care providers in provision of high-quality services to older Australians
  • advocate for a regulatory, legislative and societal environment that supports a sustainable, high-quality aged care system
Support and assistance to aged care providers is at the core of our purpose and activities. Membership of ACIA is open to providers of care and support to older Australians – whether through residential aged care, home care or support, or housing for older people.

Members can call on our Chief Executive Officer for assistance, information or advice.

The ACIA Board is responsible for governance and strategic direction for the Association. Its members are senior executives of aged care organisations and are available to support members.

The Nursing Management Advisory Support Group (NMAS) is a permanent sub-committee of the ACIA Board. This committee comprises Directors of Nursing and senior clinical staff form our member organisations. The NMAS provides expert advice to ACIA’s Board, support and assistance to nursing and clinical managers, and auspices events to support nursing staff.

ACIA maintains links with a range of service and support providers through our Corporate Membership programs. These organisations support the Association and are able to supply members with quality advice, products and services in their respective markets.

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ACIA Aged Care Awards

ACIA offers awards to recognise Industry Innovation, Industry Leadership and Industry Excellence. The Awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate examples of people in our industry going above and beyond in caring for older Australians. Entry is open to all ACIA members, with nominations reviewed by an independent panel of experts and awards presented at the ACIA Awards Dinner.

Keeping members informed

ACIA members receive:

  • Regular ACIA Updates
  • Our quarterly AGE Editor magazine
  • Analysis and interpretation of reports and trends
  • Updates on important industry developments

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