CareLynx is a leading provider of comprehensive support and advisory services for residential and home care providers. Our team of highly experienced nurse consultants specializes in assisting providers in various areas, including Accreditation Readiness, Nurse Advisory, and Consultation services. We also offer remote 24/7 Registered Nurse on call services and closure support.

Our flagship offering, the CareLynx software platform, revolutionizes care delivery in aged care facilities. It is a cloud-based and mobile Care Platform that ensures consistent delivery of the highest levels of care by clinical staff. The platform simplifies data recording and utilizes the data to guide best practice clinical pathways for staff. By creating a standardized level of care across the facility, we guarantee consistently high levels of care, improve outcomes, and reduce the cost of care.

CareLynx’s Full Service Clinical Monitoring service is enabled through the platform, where remote registered nurses audit and review care services in real-time. The automated reports and access to real-time information provide peace of mind to providers, allowing their staff to focus on providing quality care to residents while meeting the requirements of Aged Care Standards.

By choosing CareLynx, residential and home care providers can optimize their operations, enhance care delivery, and achieve significant financial returns. Trust our expertise to navigate through regulatory challenges, improve care outcomes, and ensure the highest quality of care for residents.

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