Direct Care Australia

Direct Care Australia is a provider of supports for people living with disability, the ageing and vulnerable children and youth in South Australia. We believe all people, irrespective of age or disability, should have the opportunity to accomplish their goals, and the ability to realise their dreams.

Commencing in Adelaide in 1997, Direct Care Australia has a trusted reputation for delivering targeted best practice aged care and disability care services to people in South Australia. Our skilled, vetted and engaged staff have a solid commitment to real outcomes for people we support. Over the years we have attracted a highly skilled, loyal and qualified team of managers, support planners, rostering staff, and personal support workers that consistently deliver highly personalised, quality supports to people in our community across metropolitan and greater Adelaide regions.

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Our vision celebrates inclusive communities empowered to choose their supports, their goals and be actively involved in the selection of their support team.

We have friendly, experienced staff of all ages, who are carefully matched with the person they support. We believe that our quality staff along with our personalised approach set us apart.

We know what we do best so we don’t try to do everything! That’s why we partner with other skilled services for allied health and clinical support so you can relax and live your best life.

Our service offers 24-hour care and support, 7 days a week, to people with chronic health conditions, people with a disability, the ageing and vulnerable children and youth.

We provide specialist care packages to people with a range of needs, such as physical and/or learning disabilities; sensory disabilities; mental health; dementia; Alzheimer’s and palliative care support.

The key principles of care we believe are to ensure a safe home environment, promote people’s independence, empowerment and choice and ensure people stay connected to community and loved ones.

Our care philosophy and approach is to enable people so that they can continue to fulfil ambitions and above all, to enjoy life. We also believe in working together with the family and extended networks, as we know that this is so important to people’s wellbeing.

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