On Track Investigations

On Track Investigations specialises in providing expert investigation, complaints management, dispute resolution and training services.  Our team is ICAM and Certificate IV Government (Investigations) qualified, with NMAS Accredited Mediators on board.  On Track Investigations has experience in investigations, dispute resolution, complaints management, and leadership operations across a broad range of industries including rail safety, health, ageing, energy and water, disability, and transport.  On Track Investigations takes pride in producing quality work using best practice methodologies, resulting in quality outcomes and enabling our clients to do the same.


On Track Investigations’ mission is to assist organisations to manage conflict, conduct and complaints in line with best practice standards through the provision of quality and value for money services.


Significant investigations, dispute, leadership and complaints management experience.
Experience across government and other sectors including ageing and disability.
Dispute resolution, training and coaching.


On Track Investigations takes a values based approach to our work to ensure that we deliver excellence in a consistent and replicable manner, each and every time.

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Kristie Walker
0482 172 484